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Examples of Urban Preconditioning



Urban Preconditioning is visible all around us. Sometimes for the good but most of the times the stopped activities are not inherently bad, or the solutions are damaging more then just the bad behavior they were initially intended for. It can be seen in objects, street design, architecture, but also in wildly different and complicated rules in formerly public spaces.

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      No sleeping, just seating Anti skating elements Preventive search warrant in the Hague More privately owned spaces More and more rules in (privately owned) spaces  
          To prevent homeless sleeping on the benches they added some arm rests. Now you will have to share your bench with at least 2/3 others.   In special cases the police can stop and search everyone in certain, pre-appointed area's or public transport lines. In the Hague we have about 20 of these area's. Usually as a deterrent to drinking or loitering, but also used against terrorism.

Spaces previously open to the general public are closed off or even sold to private owners.

As the goverment is minimizing public space, the private owner is stating its authority by making up rules in the collective domain. translation:

We keep the gate closed
We keep the hallways clean
After 10 pm no more noise
Once a year we organize a party together
We play on the street or in the park, not in the hallways