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A selection of publications that have influenced me during my research. Some of them are only available in Dutch.



Books are in no particular order.

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Hybride ruimte – hoe draadloze media de publieke ruimte mobiliseren /OPEN 11
(on)veiligheid / OPEN 6
Cities, war and terrorism – towards an urban politics Beyond Fear – thinking sensibly about security in an uncertain world Flesh – architectural probes Survival city – adventures among the ruins of atomic America Tschumi on Architecture De capsulaire beschaving – over de stad in het tijdperk van de angst Schuilstad – bescherming van de bevolking tegen luchtaanvallen. CTRL [SPACE] – Rhetorics of Surveillance from Bentham to Big Brother Translations from drawing to building and other essays   Surveillance after september 11   (Valse) Angst Mediapolis – popular culture and the city Informal Decode Space Architecture and Disjunction Terrorism, risk and the city – the making of a contemporary urban landscape Situation Normal... - phamphlet architecture 21 Gedoemd tot kwetsbaarheid Nagekomen Flessenpost War and Cinema – The logistics of perception The spirit of terrorism                      
  uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu   Diverse Auteurs

Nai Uitgevers, SKOR, Rotterdam 2006

ISBN: 978 90 5662 535 1

A book about digital information networks and their influence on city life and city shape. Contains essays and some design stuff.

Diverse Auteurs

Nai uitgevers, SKOR, Rotterdam 2004

ISBN: 90 5662 381 8

Another one in the OPEN series. This one looks at Security/ Safety from a more artistic perspective.

  S. Graham {red}

Blackwell Publishing, Oxford 2004

ISBN: 978 1 4051 1574 2

A reader containing a wide variety of essays about cities and its role in conflicts. A excellent introduction to the subjectmatter of urban warfare, urbicide, and presentday developments in the area of surveillance.

B. Schneier

Springer, ?? 2006

ISBN: 0 387 02620 7

Essential guide to the principles of security and safety. Schneier explaines step by step how you can organize good security, and why we end up with bad securtiy measures being taken. See also his blog:


E.Diller, R.Scofidio

Princeton Architecural Press, New York 1994

ISBN: 1 878271 37 7

Book on the early work of Diller and Scofidio.

  T. Vanderbilt

Princeton Architectural Press, New York 2002

ISBN: 1 56898 305 0

A guided tour among the buildings and structures that where designed in the cold war. At lot of bunkers, radar stations, missile silos etc. But also some valuable insights in the contemnporary world.


E. Walker

Monacelli Press Inc., New York 2006

ISBN: 1 58093 182 0

Conversations between Enrique Walker and Bernard Tschumi on Tschumi's work and carreer. Shows very clearly the developments in Tschumi's thinking about architecture.

  L. de Cauter

Nai uitgevers, Rotterdam 2005

ISBN: 90 5662 406 7

Essential book if you are interested in cities in an age of fear. This collection of essays focusses on the western focus on fear and freedom. He introduces 'capsules' as a way of talking about the security and safety focus?

  K. Bosma

Uitgeverij SUN, Amsterdam 2006

ISBN: 90 8506 280 2

Koos Bosma did extensive research about airial defense in the Netherlands. The bok provides an overview of the reaction of the Dutch towards threats from the sky and compares these with the surrounding countries.

  T.Y. Levin, U.Frohne, P. Weibel {red}

MIT press, London 2002

ISBN: 0 262 62165 7

A excellent book that accompanied an art exhibition about artists who deal with surveillance in their work. Not only does the book provide a lot of visual material; It also contains many essays covering surveillance thoroughly.

  R. Evans

Architecural Association, London 1997

ISBN: 1 870890 68 X

A collection of esssays by this brillliant writer. Evans looks beyond the ordinary and the obvious. He uses unconventional sources and comes to strong and interesting conclusions. Essays cover everything from the invention of the hallway to peter eisenmann's work.

  D. Lyon

Polity Press, Cambridge 2004

ISBN: 0 7456 3180 0

A thorough and frightning book about the practice of surveillance after 9/11. The author explains this is not a new thing. He places it in a continous trend towards more surveillance. But the events of 9/11 and fear are used to radically speed up this process.


Fotografencollectief LOS

Eigen uitgave, 2007


A collection of 5 softcover magazines about the continous growth of security, securityfirms and the fear that this growth is based on.

  A. de Jong, M.Schuilenburg

010 Publishers, Rotterdam 2006

ISBN: 978-90-6450-628-4

De rol van populaire cultuur in de beeldvorming van stedelijkheid. Er wordt een relatie gelegd tussen de stad en muziek/ geluid sampling.

C. Balmond

Prestel Verlag, Berlin 2002

ISBN: 3 7913 2400 4

Cecil Balmond takes us through some of his most interesting projects he worked on as structural designer. Contains many explanatory sketches and detours through math and the process of design.


Diverse Auteurs

AIR, Rotterdam, 2007

ISBN: 978 90 804473 9 4

Research into the possibilities of making new public spaces in the city of Rotterdam. Also contains essays on the cuurent crisis in public space.

Bernard Tschumi

MIT press, Cambridge, 2001

ISBN: 0 262 70060 3

Essays and manifesto's written by Bernard Tschumi between 1975 and 1991.

J. Coaffee

Ashgate, Aldershot 2003

ISBN: 0 7546 3555 4

Extinsive report on the history of the 'ring of steel' in London. A facinating story that captures the permanent struggle between the IRA and the state. It not only focusses on the political arguments but also highlights the international position of London and attempts to describe the consequences.

  P. Lewis, M. Tsurumaki, D.J.Lewis

Princeton Architectural Press, New York 1998

ISBN: 1 56898 154 6

Inspirational book in the Phamplet series (all good by the way). This book contains some fascinating designs and concepts from this NewYork office.

  G. Mak

Uitgeverij Atlas, Amsterdam 2005

ISBN: 90 450 1382 7

Manifesto about the vulnerability of western democracy, in particular Dutch democracy, written after the brute murder of filmdirector Theo van Gogh. It is a statement asking for restraint against lashing out and rushing into new laws and new state powers.

  G. Mak

Uitgeverij Atlas, Amsterdam 2005

ISBN: 90 450 1553 6

After the Gedoemd tot kwetsbaarheid book came out Geert Mak received a lot of criticism, this booklet contains his response.

  P. Virilio

Verso, London 1989

ISBN: 0 86091 928 5

The history of cinema in the context of warfare. As Virilio shows in this book, the links between cinematic advancement and rthe development of new warfare are deep and multitude.

  J. Baudrillard

Verso, London 2002

ISBN: 1 85984 411 1

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