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Am I being observed?


So how observed am I? Is my daily life as full with camera's as I expected? For 10 days i tried to observe the observation. Everytime i used my phone, I logged the event; I took pictures of every security camera i passed; I logged all events that were connected to my identity.

Top: A typical day to my work in Rotterdam. It consists of 800 meters of walking to the train station, a 20 min. trainride and another 500 meters walking. A total of 110 camera's per day.

Bottom: A day when I was doing some errands in the city before going to work. A total of 140 camera's that day.

And even if I wasn't observed by camera's I could be traced by my mobile phone. It is impossible to disconnect yourself from the surveillance without making major sacrifices in your life. Stop using internet, quit banking, throw away your phone, and discount cards, etc... and move out of the city.

                The ICBM silo (with nuclear missile) was located far away from the city, in rural area's, thus maximizing the threat of retaliation after a nuclear attack. The crew needed to operate and launch these missiles lived underground too. There needed to be a crew 365 days a year.