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Render vs Reality 4: Where are the cars?


Just some typical building project from the advertising section in the local paper. A building project in the inner city of The Hague. Read more…

Render vs. Reality 2: Flatiron, The Hague


Render vs. Reality 1 – the ball gown, The Hague


In this  series of images I will not focus on the architectural qualities of the featured architecture but on the way these designs are shown in renderings and artist impressions. How are these designs sold to the general public? Read more…

The Hague: many interpretations of one space

A teaser for a more exact research (and movie collection) of the city of The Hague as it is used by different groups.

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Binckhorst: genuine ambition or hysterical impression?

impression park - oma and others

OMA, the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, recently [ in 2008]  presented a vision for the regeneration of the Hague industrial area known as Binckhorst. A public debate, at which the municipal authorities – and OMA – were conspicuous by their absence, revealed that not everyone was equally enthusiastic.

Artist impressions dominated the debate. As columnist Julius Pasgeld put it in his trenchant article: ‘In the revamped Binckhorst the buildings are all a transparent grey, it’s always spring and the workers take a day-long lunch break.’ He thus went straight to the heart of the matter. There is no suggestion of a masterplan in the classic sense. What is actually waiting for approval by the Hague city council are a series of towering ambitions, artist impressions, a simple zoning model, a PPS development company and a colossal square-metre package still to be realized.

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