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Forward! Symposium on the revitalisation of modernist heritage.


One hundred modernistic structures in the Netherlands were designated as monuments last year. But what should we do with this modern heritage? On December 15, 2007, the symposium Forward! On the Revitalisation of Modern Architecture took place at the SMART Project Space in Amsterdam. Major differences of opinion emerged between architects, theorists and artists on the significance and value of modernism. Artists in particular offered interesting suggestions for revitalising modernist heritage.

It became clear during the symposium that each speaker not only interpreted modernism differently but also approached the revitalisation of heritage in a different way. For one speaker modernism was a movement linked the major socialist ideals, for another it symbolised the ‘third way’ according to Tito, while others were of the view that modernism had above all produced beautiful and radical architecture. And how do occupants experience modernist architecture? Read more…